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Meet Our Founder - Aakriti Agrawal

"We should all be able to efficiently and effectively make positive social impact in our communities"

Aakriti Agrawal founded The Nonprofiting Org to help others overcome the barriers to entry she experienced when she co-founded her first nonprofit - Girls Code Lincoln, a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to bridging the gender gap in technology by teaching computer programming to middle school girls. With firsthand experience leading and growing nonprofits, she has applied her expertise to numerous 501(c)(3) organizations. In addition to her nonprofit work, Agrawal is also a manager of data governance at American Express. She has won the Inspire Founders Award and the Lincoln Young Leader Award, has given a talk for TEDx, and has been nominated to the Forbes Under 30 List for her social impact. Her areas of expertise are nonprofit foundership/social entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, volunteer recruitment and retention, data management, change management, process improvement, and fundraising. Learn more or reach out via Linkedin or instagram @awkwatree.